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Silver Quartzite Urstein Massage

Highlight at Hotel Schönblick

Starting at the foot's sole, the heated stone is guided all
over the body. The gentle circulatory movements and pressure
on the energy points loosens tensions and hardenings into
deep layers so the energy can flow easily and
the immune system is strengthened.

The developing fragrances of the South Tyrolean mountains enhance your
mood and reduce stress. The Mica Peeling improves circulation and is ideal for heavy legs and
tired veins.

Circulatory movements over the lower legs with the stone activate
the antimicrobial and soothing effect, which is typical of mica stones and sheep wool.

The scent of larch provides self-confidence.
The gentle facial massage with lavender relaxes and calms -
the skin becomes smooth, silky and radiant.


Look forward to your very own personal feelings and sensations, which you will feel after this very unique Urstein massage.

70 Min.   € 105,00

"During this treatment you will feel that these elements are not limited to the body,
but they also implement the spirit and soul.
This treatment with the "hot" stone, which opens the pores and the cells for taking up the oil and energy,
leads to deep relaxation. The body, the muscles and the spirit relax and leave for a journey.
Together, this is a wonderful combination with a long-lasting effect."
(Hella Pawlovski – alternative practitioner and guest at Hotel Schönblick)

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