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1 week pack

1. day Touching the soul  PRIMORDIAL STONE MASSAGE 70 min. 
3. day   Cleansing   CLEANSING RITUAL 70 min. 
5. day   Providing Strength   PRIMORDIAL STONE BACK MASSAGE  50 min. 

The primordial stone massage loosens tension and blockages at the deepest levels. The relaxation helps to heal psychological wounds and you will find making decisions easier in the future.

Cleansing rids the body of your cares and problems, of toxins and slags. The body is deeply cleansed and toned, your metabolism is activated and your subtle energy centres are cleansed.

The primordial back massage gives you the feeling of weightlessness, frees you from long-standing encumbrances and gives you new strength and energy for the future. All spasms and tensions in the back muscles are completely cleared away.



"The three silver quartzite treatments help you to switch off from the here and now, to leave the past behind you and
to refill your energy reserves for the future.
Allow yourself to be inspired and to be surprised by the magic of silver quartzite.

285,00 € instead of € 315.00
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