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Rodeneck Hay Bath with Liver Wraps - 70 Min.
Hay bath with hay from our own alpine pasture Josef‘s Ruh.
Detoxifies and activates the digestive tract, helps in case of colds or rheumatic complaints.
€ 63,00  

Alpicare MassagesEnjoy alpine active agents and traditional cupping techniques with the aim of deep detoxification, regeneration and relaxation. With the help of suction cups, negative pressure is created on certain skin areas. In this way, a certain effect in the organism loosens blockades.

Alpicare Arnica and S. John's Wort – Regeneration & Activation - 25 min. or 50 min.
Arnica and St. John's Wort regenerate and revitalise the body and the senses.
This alpine massage is not only balm for the soul, but also reactivates tired joints and muscles.
€ 38,00
€ 62,00
Alpicare Field Thyme and Mountain Pine – Active & Detox - 25 min. or 50 min.
Field thyme and mountain pine shape and detoxify the body.
Enjoy deep recreation during this alpine massage, which provides the skin with new freshness and strengthens the nerves.
€ 38,00
€ 62,00
Alpicare Grape Seed Oil and Sea Buckthorn – Beauty & Regeneration - 25 min. or 50 min.
A vitamin cocktail for the skin! Experience a new skin feeling and the protective effect of these gentle oils. 
€ 38,00
€ 62,00
Alpicare Hay-Peeling with sallow thorn - skin care - 50 min.
The Alpicare hay peeling is enriched with fine pink mountain salt for deep cleansing of the skin. It promotes regeneration and leaves you full of radiance. The subsequent skin care with sallow thorn gives your skin a completely new feel.
€ 60,00

Alpicare Special as a Package  
Alpicare Hay Peeling

Alpicare Pack

Alpicare Massage

  € 133,00

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