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Wellbeing Massages in South Tyrol

Take a deep breath and enjoy the effect...

NEW: Honey massage
- 50 Min.
A special technique is used to massage the honey into your back. This unique treatment loosens tensions, encourages blood flow and has a detoxifying effect on the body. After the massage your body is covered with honey oil. This oil gives your skin a velvety soft and fresh appearance.

€ 67,00  
Schönblick's Special Massage - 50 Min. 
Full-body massage tuned to your personal requirements. The back is spoiled with valuable marmot oil
and warm basalt stones. To finalise your wellbeing moment you will receive a pomegranate base drink.
€ 65,00  
Ayurasan - Full-body Treatment  - 75 Min.
Enjoy a relaxing Ayurveda massage. The treatment starts with a warm foot bath. It is followed by a stimulating meridian massage and warm oil pours. Tensions are released with light pressure and the energy in the body can flow again.
€ 105,00
Vital Stone Massage - 75 Min.
This extraordinary massage uses ethereal oils and warm basalt stones and you will feel the power of vulcanic stones on your body and achieve a feeling of inner wellbeing.
€ 85,00  
Lymphatic Massage - 50 Min.
A gentle massage form that stimulates the removal of fluids in the tissue through special grasps and movements especially on the surface. Excellent in case of tired, heavy legs or congestions.
€ 55,00
Resonance Back Massage - 50 Min.
Highlight of this unique massage is the cupping technique with singing bowls and hot wraps.
This is an amazing deep massage experience.
€ 65,00  
Back-Head-Neck Massage - 50 Min.
A combination of different massage techniques for major tensions. The massaage starts with a hot back compress and foot stimulation.
€ 60,00
Stimulating Foot Massage - 45 Min.
The energy flow is balanced through gentle acupressure and you feel lightness throughout the whole body.
€ 48,00  
Classic Full-body Massage - 50 Min.
€ 58,00
Classic Partial Massage - 25 Min.
€ 35,00  

Pure relaxation with a combination of massage & hay pack
Schönblick’s Hay Flower Pack for the Back - 50 Min.
The hay pack is filled with hay from our alpine pasture. The hay is heated up with vapour and transports the heat and the agreeable essences of hay flowers on your back. Afterwards the musculature and the connective tissue is loosened, circulated, detoxified and relaxed with a back massage.
- warm hay pack for the back
- relaxing back massage with warm arnica emulsion
€ 65,00  
Relaxation and Regeneration with Schönblick’s Hay Flowers
The hay pack which is filled with hay from our alpine pasture, is heated up with water vapour and you lie down on the warm hay flowers with your back. The foot massage provides relaxation and activates your personal needs.
During the second treatment the hay flowers relax and warm your back. Afterwards you enjoy an individually tuned back and leg massage with warm oils.

- warm hay pack accompanied by a stimulating foot massage - 45 Min.
- warm hay pack; targeted back and leg massage afterwards - 75 Min.  

As a 2-day package € 126,00
€ 55,00
€ 85,00

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